Marketing to Seattle Mariners Fans (Part 2)

If you build it, who will come?

In Part 1 of  Marketing to the Seattle Mariners fans, we covered everything from attendance, to the economy and the price of beer. Today we are going to take a look at why you might want to stay in touch with these fans year round and what media cover all the bases.

Photo by Phil Snyder

For marketers, Mariners fans are a particularly attractive target – all year round! According to Scarborough Research, adults who attend Mariners games are predominantly male (59%), and are far more likely than the average Seattle market adult to have household incomes of $100,000 or more, be college graduates and have post-graduate degrees, work in white collar occupations and have children in the household between the ages of six and 11. The Ichiro factor definitely is at play with this crowd – while making up only 6% of the market’s Mariners game attendees, the fans in the stands are 40% more likely to be Asian than is true of the general market. They are 40% more likely to have a home valued at $500,000 or more even in this home-value ravaged market, and are 42% more likely to own a second home.

Seattle Mariners Game Attendee Income Profile

In addition, they are 15% more likely to own a luxury car and 23% more likely to own an SUV. Before you pass environmental judgment, they also are 23% more likely to own a hybrid vehicle.

Speaking of the environment, Mariners fans are more likely than general market adults to carpool, ride the ferry or use light rail or the train, but you won’t find them on a bus or a bicycle.

Generational profile of Seattle Mariner Game Attendees

In a fan base dominated by men, Seattle Mariners fans are top spenders in nearly all retail categories measured by Scarborough, from everyday items such as clothing to specialty items like jewelry and luxury cars, to major household purchases such as high-end cameras, home music systems, and luxe mattresses. Those of you selling women’s wear and jewelry and are loathe to place your ad spend in sports sections and programming might reconsider:

Seattle Mariners Fans are among the biggest spenders on retail items

In fact, you will find this desirable shopping target not only shows up at the games, but also listens to games on the radio and broadcast- and cable-TV, as well as following team coverage in their newspaper every day.

When not following the Mariners, this fan base stays healthy by participating in a variety of outdoor activities as well as spending some time at casinos. Not surprisingly, they also are nearly twice as likely as market adults to play softball/baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, do circuit training and participate in snowsports.

Other Activities participated in by Seattle Mariners Game Attendees

Marketing via digital platforms could be effective for targeting this group. Many locally oriented activities rank high including:

  • Checking the weather (61% went online to check the weather during the past 30 days; they are 21% more likely to have done so)
  • Consuming local news (47%; 33% more likely)
  • Searching for a business address or phone number (47%; 32% more likely)
  • Checking sports scores and updates (41%; 102% more likely to have done so)
  • Checking traffic (28%, 59% more likely to do so)
  • Calendaring local/community events (23%; 28% more likely)

“Get out the rye bread and mustard grandma, cause it’s GRAND SALAMI TIME!” — Dave Niehaus

Looking for media that hits a home run when it comes to reaching Mariners fans and those just like them? Below are the Top 20 local media vehicles based on a single-day’s reach:

One Day Reach of Seattle Mariners Fans -- Top 20 Performing MediaIf targeting precision is your goal, following are the Top 20 indexing media vehicles; vehicles where you might not reach as many of your target, but where high concentrations exist:

Top 20 Media with the Highest Composition of Seattle Mariners Game AttendeesQuestions? Contact me at

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