Understanding the Seattle Market and the Media That Deliver It

Want to maximize the value of your Seattle media budget? Seeking a more precise media mix or sponsorship buy that delivers the highest degree of ROI with little waste? That’s what Seattle Media Maven is all about: helping you get the information you need to understand the market and get to the media solutions that best engage the Seattle consumer.

Seattle is, as we dubbed it many decades ago, uniquely Northwest. And so are its residents – a quirky bunch of highly educated and active natives and adaptive newcomers who now call it home. Trying to buy this market – or any market for that matter, but especially this one – takes more than selecting a few all-inclusive standard demographics or even a well-honed intuition, though that certainly helps.

As the media landscape proliferates, data precision and a holistic approach are critical to insure marketing-mix quality. Where are your customers today? What are they doing? What media or sponsorships fit their busy lifestyles? My goal is to help you find your audiences and provide insight into how to build a consumer-driven media plan that connects with your customers across multiple media vehicles and platforms. In the process, we’ll have fun exploring this incredible market and sometimes let the data take us to a realm beyond obviousness and common sense. Together, I expect we will discover all kinds of data patterns that are non-intuitive or counter-intuitive as much as the opposite – all of which may be excellent media-choice predictors.

About Seattle Media Maven Maurine Jeude

I work at The Seattle Times in the Strategic Marketing Research Department and am writing this blog with the blessing and considerable data assets of The Seattle Times Company. I’ve been plying this trade for many years, first as a writer and editor, enriched by an MBA in Marketing and Business Leadership, followed by stints in marketing research, database marketing and for the past 15 years, deep Seattle Media Maven, Maurine Jeudeimmersion in media research – all in the Seattle market. This gives me a unique take on media and audiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Thus the title Seattle Media Maven; I’m a trusted expert, equipped with extensive data, tools, and an accumulation of knowledge, who seeks only to share it with you.

So, you ask, if she works at a print and online newspaper company, how can she possibly be objective about media? Again, it’s all about the data, not the sell. My promise to you is to stay on that tack. I am, however, going to tell you what I think with the intent of engaging you in the same activity.

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Blog header is a derivative work from a photo of Seattle by Bala
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